General Program Overview

The Vernon model allows for continuity of teaching and patient care. We have two dedicated Family Practice Preceptors who are available throughout the year. This means students have the opportunity to see the same patient throughout their care in the local medical system. It’s normal for students to have the opportunity to follow an entire pregnancy during the academic year. The “Mini-Block scheduling” provides students with the opportunity to dedicate time with Specialists while balancing the core components of Third Year. For instance, Pediatrics consist of two mini blocks that are three-weeks in duration. Thus, a typical week for a Vernon student is:

  • Two half days per week – Family Practice clinics with primary preceptor(s)
  • One half day per week – Academic Half Days (AHDs)
  • One half day per week – Interdisciplinary Experience
  • Weekly – Specialty experience
  • Call shifts – one full day of evening call and at least one weekend call during a Speciality mini-block

For further information, please contact:

Dr. Carmen Larsen
ICC Site Director, Vernon

Sarah Hanson
ICC Program Assistant, Vernon

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