MED 2021 Class Finalized

Orientation for the class of MED 2021 started yesterday, which means the class is now finalized. This may be disappointing, although perhaps not unexpected, news to those applicants who were still on the waitlist. Even though it is tough to know you won’t be joining the class this year, making it so far in the […]

Offers 2017 – Waitlist Shortened

The waitlist was shortened today. Although it’s never easy to receive disappointing news, we hope that being informed of the final decision on their application will help applicants who are no longer on the waitlist move on to their future plans. Waitlisted applicants who did not receive an application status update today are still on […]

All Positions Filled in MED 2021 Class

It is with mixed emotions we must announce that all positions in the MED 2021 class have been filled, at least for now. If students withdraw their acceptances there is a chance that a few more positions will become available but it is impossible to say how many spots, if any, will open up. At […]

Offers 2017 – Round 4 Sent

Round 4 offers were sent this afternoon. As always, congratulations to the offer recipients! The deadline for this round is Wednesday, June 21.

Offers 2017 – Round 3 Sent

The offers for Round 3 have been sent. To the applicants who received an offer this round, congratulations! The deadline for Round 3 is Friday, June 16 at noon Pacific Time.

Offers 2017 – Round 2 Sent

The second round of offers were sent late yesterday afternoon. Congratulations to everyone who received one! The deadline for this round is Friday, June 9 at noon Pacific Time; the next round of offers will go out after this deadline. It is hard to be on the waitlist and we know waitlisted applicants are eager […]

Offer Notifications Sent

At this time of year, we always wish there were more spots available in the class so we could invite more of our outstanding applicants to join the program. By now all applicants have been notified of the admissions decision on their file. Happy news or sad, we thank you for applying to UBC and […]

Waitlist Questions 2017

UBC’s waitlist is a bit complicated, so we hope these FAQs will help to answer some of your questions about how the waitlist works. These questions are mostly reprinted from an earlier post – we have not made changes to how we handle the waitlist this year. Waitlist questions: applicants who have an application status […]

NMP Site Profile

Site Preference forms are due soon and some applicants may still be struggling with their site preference rankings. Other applicants have a pretty good idea of where they would like to go, but may be curious about what it would be like to live and study at a site other than their first preference. Luckily, […]

SMP Site Profile

Thank you to Mike, Hannah and Drew for responding to our questions! Mike says: What do you like best about your site? Kelowna itself is a beautiful city with all you need for living, shopping, and things to do. Downtown is right on Okanagan Lake, but in an hour’s drive you can be up at Big […]

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