How to Apply

As of Feb 3, 2017 new applicants must apply through the AFMC Student Portal

Students who submitted applications through the UBC Application System (prior to Feb 3) refer to the UBC Faculty of Medicine for all information:

1.Confirm that you meet the Eligibility Requirements
first and review the Policies & Procedures

2. Go to the Application Portal

3. Select “New Visiting Student” to create an account. Your password will be sent to you via email.

4. Complete the “Personal Information” section to create a profile

5. Create a new application under “My Applications”

a. View / edit existing applications under “My applications”

b. Draft versions of application(s) may be saved and edited at a later date

c. Each application/elective must be for either 2 or 4 weeks. A maximum of 10 applications can be submitted per academic year; with a maximum of 8 weeks of electives permitted. (i.e. 4, two week electives or 2, four weeks; 1 four, 2 two weeks)

6. Complete the Core Rotation/Clerkship Information

7. Enter Application Dates

a. If elective dates are flexible, include these details in the comments section. The start date provided on your application will be considered your preferred date

8. Search the Electives Catalogue

a. Electives are offered for 2 or 4 weeks (start on a Mon, end on a Fri)

b. Search results are based on the duration of your elective. (ex: If your elective date are 2 weeks, the search results will return only electives offered for 2 weeks) Some electives are offered for both 2 and 4 weeks; search results will reflect this.

c. You must select elective(s) prior to submitting an application but you may use the comments section to further explain your preferences.

9. Select and rank up to 16 elective choices

a. you can change your choices and their ranking at any time until your application status is queued for placement

10. Under “My Applications” press “Submit” to send the application to the Electives Office

11. The Application Status will denote “Submitted” and an email will be sent confirming that the application has been Received by the Electives Office

12. Before an application will be reviewed and accepted the application form must be verified and signed by the home institution.

a. Click “Print Application” and email the application to the home institution’s elective coordinator to be signed (Electronic Signature is also acceptable)

b. The Home Elective Coordinator or the student must email the verified form to

c. Applications are NOT considered complete until the verified application form is received

13. The Immunization Form (see policies and procedures) must also be validated and emailed to before an application will be accepted.

14. When the verification form has been received, the Electives Office will change the “Verified Form” status to “Received.”

15. After the Verified application form has been received, applications will be then reviewed for eligibility. Students will receive an email confirming that they are Accepted or Denied

16. If an applicant is eligible and the application is complete, the application will be deemed “Accepted”. The Application Status will change to “Accepted.” (Note: Accepted does not mean that the electives is confirmed. Accepted denotes approved eligibility).

17. If an applicant is ineligible or the application is not complete, the Application Status will change to “Denied.”

a. If applications are Denied the reasons/instructions will be identified in the “Administrative Comments” on the application form. In most cases, students can resubmit the application after making the required changes.

18. If applications are accepted, students must log on and pay the non-refundable application fee and malpractice insurance fee if applicable (see malpractice policy).

19. Payment must be received before an application is given a date stamp, which establishes priority in the placement queue. At the “Payment Receipt” window, ensure you click “CONTINUE” which will date stamp your payment in the application portal.

20. When payment is received, the application status will automatically change to “Paid”

21. After payment is received, students will receive an email from the Electives Office outlining the Placement Process.  

a. Applications may be placed on hold until after the UBC students have been placed; the application status will remain “Paid” until the placement process begins

b. If UBC students have already been placed, applications will be “Queued” for placement immediately; the Application Status will change to “Queued”

22. When the placement process has begun and the application has been queued, students will receive an email from the Electives Office informing them if there is availability in the electives that have been chosen.

23. Students can edit their applications (including elective choices & dates) online up until they have been “Queued” for placement

24. Changes after applications are “Queued” must be emailed directly to the Electives Office

25. If there is no capacity in the electives the applicant has chosen, the Electives Office will email a list of available electives from which the student can make new choices. This process will continue until the student is confirmed

26. The Electives Office will notify students by email when they are confirmed for an elective.