Catalogues & Descriptions

Sample Electives Catalogue 2017-18

  • Students can access and search the electives catalogue online through the Application Portal when they create an application.
  • Search filters in the application portal will return results based on your elective duration (2/4 weeks) and the electives that are offered for those durations.
  • Only electives listed within the catalogue will be authorized through the UBC VSEP. These are considered official UBC rotations as part of our 4th Year Curriculum.
  • Elective descriptions are available upon request. Descriptions provide learning objectives, clinical responsibilities, and special features. Please identify what rotation(s) you are interested in and send a request to visiting.electives@ubc.ca.

BC Health Authority Resources

  • UBC electives are distributed throughout the Province and thus within six different Health Authorities
  • The Ministry of Health’s website provides a variety of resources, including maps and links to individual health authorities.