Placement & Confirmation Process

1.       Placement Results

Students whose applications are queued will receive the status of their elective requests (either wait-listed or pending approval) shortly after being queued. Should applicant’s original elective choices be fully subscribed, several opportunities will be given to provide alternative choices based on current capacity reports.

2.       Timeline for Confirmation

We are committed confirming each student’s elective as soon as possible. However, the timeline in which you are confirmed is subject to variables such as:

  • if there is capacity in the electives you have submitted on your application and how many times revised choices are required
  • the speed in which a clinical department/preceptor provides confirmation of availability

3.       Confirmation Process

  • Electives are not confirmed until the student has received notification from the Visiting Student Office. Written OR verbal confirmation from a clinical department or preceptor will not elicit an UBC elective.
  • An official confirmation letter will be sent from the Visiting Student Office which includes basic information pertaining to your elective (location, dates, department etc.). Attached to the letter will be important instructions regarding mandatory temporary licensure through the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC.
  • Closer to the start date of your elective, you will receive reporting instructions via email from the clinical department administrator in which you are completing the elective.