Additional Eligibility Information

We encourage you to carefully review the information outlined below.

Applicants with BC Residency

Preference for admission to the MD Undergraduate program is given to residents of British Columbia; however, a small number of out-of-province applicants are accepted each year.

BC Residency Definition

For MD Undergraduate Admissions purposes, applicants are considered BC residents if they hold a currently valid BC Services Card by the application deadline.* Possession of a BC Services Card is intended to signify residency in British Columbia.

It is expected that applicants claiming BC residency are residents of BC and meet all MSP eligibility guidelines. BC residents who study outside of BC or are temporarily outside of BC for another reason must be eligible to maintain their coverage according to MSP guidelines for temporary absences outside of BC.

The Admissions Office reserves the right to ask for additional information or documentation about an applicant’s BC residency at any time during the application cycle. Any attempt to claim BC residency status without meeting all residency requirements may negatively affect your application to the MD Undergraduate Program.

By the application deadline, applicants must upload a high quality copy of both the front and back of their BC Services Card to their application. This card must be valid throughout the entire application cycle. Should your BC Services Card expire during the current application cycle, it is your responsibility to renew this card in a timely fashion and upload copies of your renewed card. BC Services Cards will be checked both at the time of interview and when offers are made to confirm their continued validity.

Residents of the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut are treated as BC residents and will be required to provide equivalent documentation to the BC residency requirement.

Applicants with a PhD completed by the application deadline**, supported Indigenous applicants, and supported MD/PhD applicants will have their BC residency requirement waived.

More Information

Information on the BC Services Card can be found at BC Ministry of Health.

*Please note that BC CareCards, Confirmation of Continued Coverage Letters, Interim Services Cards and Mobile Service Cards are not accepted as proof of BC residency.

**If the PhD is not conferred on the transcript submitted to the Admissions Office, by the application deadline applicants must submit an official letter from the Faculty of Graduate Studies confirming program completion.

Applicants with Disabilities

The UBC Faculty of Medicine is an inclusive, diverse community and we welcome students with disabilities to apply to the MD Undergraduate degree program. We encourage students considering our program to review our Essential Skills and Abilities (Technical Standards) before applying and ensure they meet the program's requirements for their own safety and the safety of the patients they encounter during their medical training.

Special Consideration

If there are unique considerations for admissions requirements or for the application process, you may be eligible for special consideration in the calculation of your grades, though you must still meet the competitive average. To request accommodations, please review and submit the following documents to the Centre for Accessibility by September 15, 2021:

If you receive a request for an interview and need accommodations during the interview process, please submit your request to the Centre for Accessibility by January 4th, 2022.

Accommodations are always unique to individuals' needs and will vary from person to person. We encourage you to advocate for accommodations and work with the Centre for Accessibility to provide the necessary documentation to ensure the supports you need are in place. The Centre for Accessibility will then adjudicate requests and provide recommendations to our MD Admissions Office.

Admitted students with disabilities will be accommodated in accordance with UBC's policy on Academic Accommodation for Students with Disabilities. As stated in the policy, the provision of academic accommodations does not eliminate the need for evaluation or the need to meet essential learning outcomes.

More Information

Applicants with Refugee Status

The Faculty of Medicine welcomes applications from persons with refugee status in Canada. Admission will be contingent on obtaining permanent residency in Canada and providing proof of this status to the MD Admissions Office two weeks prior to the start of classes.


A one year deferral can be requested if a refugee status applicant is unable to provide proof of permanent residency within the above stated time frame. Note that all deferrals are made at the discretion of the MD Admissions Office.

Graduate Student Applicants

Graduate students wishing to enter the UBC Faculty of Medicine Undergraduate Program must complete the program in which they are registered and provide official proof of completion by July 30, prior to admission. If an applicant enrolls in or starts a graduate program after submitting an application, they must immediately notify the Admissions Office and provide proof of completion by the July 30 deadline. Failure of notification or withdrawing from a graduate program any time after application submission will result in ineligibility. There are no exceptions to this policy.

All degree requirements, including successful defense and submission of approved thesis in final form and acceptance by the Faculty of Graduate Studies, must be completed by this deadline. Graduate students in non-thesis based programs must complete all required courses, projects, exams, practica, etc. and have all grades submitted on an official transcript by July 30.

As part of the supplemental application, graduate students who are invited for an interview will be required to complete an electronic form stating that they are on track to fulfill the above requirements. The thesis supervisor, or program/department head, will receive an electronic copy of the completed form. If the applicant is unable to confirm that they will finish by this date or if a response is not received by the stated deadline on the Graduate Student Report form, the interview offer will be rescinded. Please be advised that the thesis supervisor can contact the Admissions Office at any time after receiving a copy of the electronic form, if they believe the applicant has provided incorrect information.

Proof of Completion by the Deadline (July 30)

The Admissions Office will accept ONE of the following proofs of graduate program completion (required by July 30 at 12:00 p.m. PDT):

  • Official transcripts showing date of degree conferral
  • Official letter from the Faculty of Graduate Studies confirming program completion* (this letter can be sent directly by mail or e-mailed by the Faculty of Graduate Studies; faxed copies are not acceptable)

The transcripts and/or official letter must reflect a graduate completion date of July 30 of the commencing year or earlier. Be aware that submission of the thesis in final form around or after June 30 may result in an official completion date of later than July 30, depending on the Graduate Studies requirement and timeline. In this case, the graduate student’s application will be made ineligible by the Admissions Office.

Exception (MD/PhD applicants)

One exception to this rule is for UBC students enrolled in an MSc program or in their 1st year of PhD studies who are concurrently applying to the combined MD/PhD Program. If such applicants are successful in securing admission to both the MD and the combined MD/PhD Programs, continuing their graduate studies under the auspices of MD/PhD, they can enter the MD Undergraduate Program prior to completing all graduate degree requirements.

Applicants should be aware that if they secure admission to the MD Undergraduate Program but not to the combined MD/PhD Program, their offer to enter the MD program would be withdrawn and the student would have to reapply for entry in a year when all graduate requirements would be completed by July 30.

Important Notes

We will not accept letters from thesis supervisors or professors to confirm degree completion.

*All applicants are required to submit final transcripts showing degree conferral as soon as they are available.

Please contact the Admissions Office if the above options are not available to you.

An applicant’s failure to disclose their status as a current graduate student during the admission cycle in which they are applying will result in disqualification. This also applies to applicants who begin their graduate programs at any point during the application cycle of the year in which they are applying, as they will not be able to meet the July 30 completion deadline.

Applicants with a Completed PhD

As part of our mandate to address the need for clinician scientists, applicants with a PhD completed by the application deadline will have their BC residency requirement waived. If the PhD is not conferred on the transcript submitted to the Admissions Office by the application deadline, applicants must submit an official letter from the Faculty of Graduate Studies confirming program completion. The letter must be sent directly from the Faculty of Graduate Studies.


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