Teaching Opportunities

Teaching our next generation of physicians remains a crucial component of the Faculty of Medicine’s Strategic Plan, Building the Future. Our teachers inspire our learners and are the role models for the next generation of healthcare professionals.

Becoming Clinical Faculty

A UBC faculty appointment is a requirement for all teachers in the MD Undergraduate Program. For more information on clinical faculty appointments, visit the clinical faculty section on the Faculty of Medicine’s website or contact us by email at md.undergraduate@ubc.ca.

Teaching Opportunities

The MD Undergraduate Program has a wide range of opportunities for teaching at sites across B.C. For more information on any of these opportunities and how to get involved please contact us by email at md.undergraduate@ubc.ca.

Teaching without Patient Care

The following types of teaching are primarily classroom based:

  • Seminar/Small Group teaching opportunities:
    • ECG Workshops / Cases (MEDD421 & 422)
    • Pre-Natal Diagnosis (MEDD421)
    • Chromosomal Abnormalities (MEDD421)
    • Shock Cases (MEDD422)
    • Acid-Base Cases (MEDD422)
    • Basic Procedures Workshop (MEDD422)
    • Radiology Seminar (MEDD422)
    • Becoming a Clerk (MEDD422)
    • Pathology Small Group sessions (MEDD411/421/422)

Teaching with Patient Care

The following types of teaching are undertaken in a clinical setting:

Distributed Sites

More information about teaching at the distributed sites:


Clinical teaching in the MD Undergraduate Program is compensated according to the Faculty of Medicine Clinical Faculty Compensation Terms.

Faculty Development

The MD Undergraduate Program fully supports the ongoing development of its teachers. For more information on the faculty development opportunities that are available, please see the Faculty Development website.

Other Opportunities

Other opportunities to get involved outside of teaching in the MD curriculum: