The Mentor Program was established to give medical students the opportunity to meet and interact with faculty members outside of their curricular and career interests as well as with students from all four years of the medical program. Therefore, each of the mentor groups will be composed of students with many different career goals. The Mentor Program is offered at all sites, although there are differences in the way the program is delivered at each site.

Mentor Objectives

  • Provide a continuous relationship to a group of students over their four years of medical education.
  • Provide students with exposure to the issues involved in balancing the career of medicine and personal life.
  • Support students in defining their career goals, as appropriate.
  • Provide informal emotional support to your group of students.

Student Objectives

  • Provide each other with mutual support throughout the experience of medical school.
  • Facilitate inter- and intra-class communication.

The Rewards

As a medical student you will benefit from the Mentor Program in many ways. Mentors can help you set short-term learning objectives or long-term career goals, offer guidance on personal matters, and provide networking opportunities. You will also benefit from the connections you make with other students in your mentor group, learning from each other’s experiences and sharing survival tips.

Who is a Mentor?

A Mentor is an experienced and trusted advisor, friend, and counselor. Mentors are physicians who volunteer their time out of their interest in the wellbeing of medical students, and their desire to help students face the challenges of balancing a career in medicine with their personal lives.


If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please contact Dr. Hannah Carolan.

More Information

For a better understanding of the Mentor Program, its objectives, and the roles of mentors and students, please refer to Entrada (login required).