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Document Statuses – September 13

By Admissions on September 13, 2018

The September 14 deadline is tomorrow and a large number of transcripts are arriving at the Admissions Office. Please read below for an update on transcript processing and other document statuses.

Notes: To find out if your transcript has arrived, at least one entry for each institution must be started on the Transcripts page of the application. Once this is done, we manually update the status of your transcript when it is received and added to your file.

To view the status of your transcripts and other documents, log in to your application and click on Application Status.

If your transcript says “Not Received,” it may be:

  1. In transit
  2. Lost before arriving at our office
  3. In our office, waiting to be processed

Due to transcript volume we cannot check if your transcript is in the office. We will not respond to messages about transcripts being received or not received. You must make the decision to send another transcript (preferably via courier) or wait and see if your transcript arrives.

All transcripts must arrive at our mailing address by Friday, September 14 at noon Pacific time or your application may become ineligible. Please note that not all transcript statuses will be updated by the deadline. We will send another email about processing times after the deadline.

Important: If you sent your transcript by courier and have proof that your transcript was delivered more than 3 business days ago to our mailing address, please message us with the tracking information.

These are updated daily, but as long as you have marked the box in the Transcripts section asking us to transfer your transcripts to your new file, you can consider your carried-forward transcripts received by the deadline even if the status for these transcripts says “Not Received.” You must submit a new copy of any transcript that has changed since you last submitted it.

These are updated daily, but as long as you have marked the box to authorize us to access your UBC transcript electronically, you can consider your UBC transcript received by the deadline even if your UBC transcript status says “Not Received.”

As long as you have uploaded your currently valid BC Services Card by the September 14 deadline, you can consider your proof of BC residency to be received on time, even if your BC residency status says “Not Received.” As a reminder, proof of BC residency will not be carried forward to your new file. BC residency statuses are updated daily.

Please complete the MCAT page of your application and log into your AAMC account to send your scores to UBC using the MCAT Score Reporting System by October 1 (please send your scores now if they are available). It is not enough to complete the MCAT page of your application; you must also send your scores to UBC using the MCAT Score Reporting System. UBC is not part of the AMCAS system. We are currently updating MCAT scores once per day.

If your English courses are not on the English Course Chart listed on our website and you have not received prior approval of your courses, please upload the course syllabi to your Documents tab. When your file is reviewed in the fall, you will be contacted if there are any issues with your courses. Due to the upcoming deadline it is not necessary to message us.

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MED 2022 Class is Full

By Admissions on August 20, 2018

We are happy to report that the class of MED 2022 is full and classes are underway!

With classes starting, it is time to move forward to 2018/2019. We look forward to reviewing your applications soon. As a reminder, the application deadline for 2018/2019 is Friday, September 14th.

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2018/2019 Application is Open

By Admissions on June 15, 2018

The 2018/2019 application is now open! Please read the Help Guide for important instructions.

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Offers 2018 – Round 5 Sent

By Admissions on

We were able to send Round 5 offers a bit early. As always, congratulations to the lucky applicants! The blog will be updated again after Wednesday, June 20, which is the deadline for this round.

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Offers 2018 – Round 4 Sent

By Admissions on June 12, 2018

Congratulations are in order for applicants who received an offer in Round 4, which we sent today. The next round of offers will be sent after Friday, June 15.

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