2018/2019 Application is Open

The 2018/2019 application is now open! Please read the Help Guide for important instructions.

Pre-Interview Scoring and FAQs 2017/2018

We are always impressed with applicants’ academic and non-academic achievements, and regret that we cannot invite more of you to interview. Unfortunately, we cannot provide individual feedback on your application, but we hope this explanation of scores can help to answer some of your questions. There are some FAQs below as well. OGPA = Overall GPA […]

Writing Tips: Non-Academic Activities and Employment History

We recently saw a post on Pre-Med 101 that asked about omitting common punctuation in order to increase word count in the Non-Academic Activities section. The sample provided by the inquirer read something like this: “students&helped” instead of “students and helped.” We respectfully ask that you do not write your Non-Academic Activities and Employment History […]

Verifier Questions

Verifiers can be a source of confusion and anxiety for some applicants. Our verifier guidelines have not changed since the last cycle, so we hope this post from last year can help with some common verifier issues you might encounter. Some verifiers are easy to choose: your current supervisor, your former coach, your guitar teacher. […]

Northern and Rural Training Section

As you are working on your application, you may have some questions about the Northern and Rural Training section. This section of the application is for applicants who would like to be considered for the rural positions in the MD program. These positions include all 32 seats at the Northern Medical Program in Prince George, […]

2017/2018 General Questions Post

This post is a chance to ask general questions about the application and to learn from the questions others have posted. If you have a specific question about your particular situation, please message us through the application system instead. Remember to check the Help Guide before posting or messaging! We will disable comments to posts […]

The Return of the Early Application Deadline

The early application deadline is back! It’s earlier this year – August 1. However, the incentive is the same as before. Applicants who submit all required documents and fees by August 1, 2017 at noon Pacific Time and who are invited to interview will receive their interview invitations a day early. We inform applicants whether […]

Recommendation: Take the MCAT Early!

Starting with the upcoming 2017/2018 application cycle, only the current version of the MCAT will be accepted. This is the MCAT version that launched in April 2015 with the sections BBFL, CPBS, PSBB and CARS. Many applicants will need to take the MCAT in 2017, either for the first time, or because their old scores will […]

Interview Notifications Sent / Holiday Closure

All of the interview notifications have been sent and everyone has been updated on their application status. Regardless of what that status is, we acknowledge and appreciate the substantial amount of time and effort you have put into your application, your education, and your activities. We wish you all the best in 2017. Speaking of […]

Pre-Interview Scoring and FAQs 2016/2017

This year’s applicants have demonstrated impressive academic and non-academic achievements, and as always, we are sorry that we must limit the number of applicants we can invite to interview. Those of you not invited to interview may want more feedback on your application. We cannot provide individual feedback, but we hope this explanation of scores […]

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