Portfolio Teaching Opportunity

Become a Portfolio Coach

As a Portfolio Coach, you will play a vital role in supporting medical students over 4 years as they explore a variety of content areas (Professionalism, Communication, Diversity and Equity and Transition to Clinical Learning). Portfolio explicitly considers students’ developing identities as physicians, as they learn to think and be like physicians and explore socialization and hidden curriculum, grounded in clinical experiences.


Benefits of Becoming a coach

  • Play a key role in supporting students’ in constructing knowledge from their experiential learning
  • Professional development opportunities to support your role as a coach
  • Compensation for your time
  • Opportunity to be reflective about your own clinic practice and experiences



A Portfolio group (9 students) meets with 1 portfolio coach; ideally from Year 1 through Year 4 to provide continuity. Each year, the coach meets with their students 2-4 times in person.

The goal of each session is for students to bridge what they’re seeing in practice with what they’re learning from the reflection and discussion that is explored in Portfolio.

In addition, students are asked to submit written assignments and coaches are responsible for reading and providing feedback on these reflections.


Basic Qualifications

  • Experience in medical education and graduate qualification
  • Previous experience in facilitating small group meetings with medical students
  • Effective interpersonal skills and ability to work well with others
  • High standards of ethics and professional behaviour (not under professional investigation)
  • Ability to create and foster an environment that promotes inclusivity, and the values of respect, integrity, compassion, collaboration, and equity.


Ready to Apply?

For more information, please see the 2023-2024 Portfolio Coach Description

Please submit your interest by emailing us

Vancouver Fraser Medical Program: vfmp.portfolio@ubc.ca
Island Medical Program: ccmorrow@uvic.ca
Northern Medical Program: julia.wimmers-klick@unbc.ca
Southern Medical Program: mike.bergunder@ubc.ca