Visiting Electives

The UBC Visiting Student Elective Program (VSEP) offers students a wide range of clinical settings across the province.

Application System

Visiting Student Electives across Canada are scheduled through the Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada (AFMC) Student Portal – an online application system. Students may view elective offerings, processes and policies at any time on the Portal. However students must create an account and pay the one-time AFMC registration fee in order to submit an application to any Faculty. To create an account with the AFMC Student Portal, click ‘register’ on the Portal homepage.

UBC Elective Offerings and Policies

Information pertaining to applying as a visiting elective student at UBC can be found on the UBC Institutional Profile on the AFMC Student Portal and by emailing:

Current Capacity, updated Mondays

Capacity is fluid and can change daily. An available elective is not a guaranteed placement.

This report does not account for applications we have already received and students who have not yet been placed.

The Portal capacity shown may not align with capacity on this report. Please use this report as the source of truth. If you cannot add the choices you wish to on the portal, apply using a “dummy elective” and then use the application comment box to note your “actual” requests. We will then adjust your requests manually.

Students studying in Canada can apply up to 26 weeks in advance of their desired start date and students studying internationally can apply up to 24 weeks in advance.