New UBC education space opens at Royal Inland Hospital
September 22, 2016UBC medical students and residents have an expansive new learning space in the Clinical Services Building at Royal Inland Hospital. Read More >

New tool for medical students’ anatomy lessons – a virtual scalpel
August 25, 2016First-year medical students will be using an anatomy visualization table, which displays detailed images that can be rotated, enlarged and even sliced open. Read More >

Back to School: Meet some of our SMP students
August 20, 2016Find out where these Southern Medical Program students see themselves in the years ahead. Read More >

Back to School: Meet some of our VFMP students
August 20, 2016New and returning students of UBC's Vancouver-Fraser Medical Program reveal what attracted them to the field of medicine. Read More >

Back to School: Meet some of our NMP students
August 20, 2016Meet some new and returning students who are back in school at the Northern Medical Program and starting their fall courses. Read More >

Back to School: Meet some of our incoming IMP students
August 20, 2016Find out what attracted incoming students of UBC's Island Medical Program to the field of medicine. Read More >

Now streaming: UBC’s distinctive lens on neuroanatomy
June 30, 2016With Bach sonatas and Monty Pythonesque animation, UBC brings a cinematic flair to neuroanatomy. Read More >

Bringing health knowledge behind the walls
June 15, 2016MD students taught health to young offenders at the Burnaby Youth Custody Centre, and in the process, learned a few things themselves. Read More >

A Renewed Perspective
June 8, 2016The first cohort of students to experience our renewed MD curriculum have just completed their first year. One of them tells us about his experience here. Read More >

Innovative ideas born at student led “Hatching Health” event
March 31, 2016Daniel Raff and Ameen Amanian had a simple idea: bring brilliant people with different perspectives together to tackle challenges in healthcare. Read More >