Awards, Financial Aid & Research Funding Opportunities



For a compendium of awards available for UBC graduate students, see the Awards and Financial Aid page of the Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral (G+PS) website.  For a compendium of opportunities for research funding, please visit the Office of Research Services (ORS) website.

Graduate Support Initiative Awards (GSI)
Graduate Support Initiative Awards (GSI) is a system for funding graduate students. Eligibility for the GSI awards should follow existing G+PS practices, complete details of which can be found on the G+PS webpage.

Criteria by which GSI funds will be allocated in the MD/PhD Program (after prior endorsement from the G+PS) are noted below:
1) These funds will be evenly given to incoming students of each academic year in form of an “entrance award” as a recruitment incentive.
2) These funds will be given out in May (ie end of Year 1). No application is required. GSI funding will be assigned on the Student Information System for disbursement to students.

MD/PhD Tuition
MD/PhD tuition fee is $4993.05 per year (2017-2018). This fee is charged in place of, rather than in addition to, the MD-only program tuition charge (currently $17,755.38 per year).

MD/PhD Studentship Award
All MD/PhD students will receive a studentship award through the MD/PhD Program (annual stipend $21,000 and research allowance $1000, renewable each year for a maximum of 6 years). Students are also required to apply for external granting agencies such as the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), Heart and Stroke Foundation, Canadian Diabetes Association, Kidney Foundation, Canadian Lung Association and other organizations during the first year of their MD/PhD Program. Studentship awards begin in the spring (usually March 1) or at the conclusion of first year Medicine when research activities are initiated.

UBC Four Year Doctoral Fellowship (4YF
2017 – Paulina Piesik, Mark Trinder
2016 – Victoria Baronas, Cynthia Ye, Allen Zhang
2015 – Rozlyn Boutin, Parker Jobin, Frank Lee, Adam Ramzy, Michael Skinnider, Jordan Squair
2014 – Andrea Jones, Victor Li, David Twa
2013 – Daniel Woodsworth, Eric Zhao
2012 – Gareth Mercer, Cynthia Min, Julia Pon, Alexander Wright
2011 – Michael Copley, Philip Edgcumbe, Matthew Mayer
2010 – William Guest, Long Nguyen
2009 – David McVea, Clara Westwell-Roper

The UBC MD/PhD students have excellent results in external funding competitions.

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

2017 Vanier
Rozlyn Boutin (supervisor: Dr. Brett Finlay)
Project title: Mechanistic elucidation of the asthma-protective and -predictive effects conferred by specific members of the gut microbiota in early life
Paulina Piesik (supervisor: Dr. Jan Dutz)
Project title: Using the skin immune system to induce systemic tolerance
Michael Skinnider (supervisor: Dr. Leonard Foster)
Project title: Understanding human biology and disease through tissue-specific protein-protein interaction networks

2015 Vanier
Parker Jobin (supervisor: Dr. Christopher Overall)
Project title: tRNA synthetases as extracellular targets of matrix metalloproteinases
Frank Lee (supervisor: Dr. Edward Pryzdial)
Project title: Dissecting the mechanism of a novel clot dissolving agent: Amino acid-tethered clotting factor Xa
Adam Ramzy (supervisor: Dr. Timothy Kieffer)
Project title: An adeno-associated virus based gene therapy treatment for diabetes: Using transcription factors to guide the expansion of insulin producing beta-cell mass in the pancreas
Eric Zhao (supervisor: Dr. Steven Jones)
Project title: Networks, signatures, and personalized medicine: a whole genome approach to cancer therapy

2014 Vanier
Philip Edgcumbe (co-supervisors: Dr. Robert Rohling and Dr. Christopher Nguan )
Project title: Augmented Reality Elastography Navigation Aid (ARENA) for robotic-assisted laparoscopic surgery
Andrea Jones (supervisor: Dr. William Honer)
Project title: Diamond in the rough: Identifying factors of resilience in a socially marginalized population
Victor Li (supervisor: Dr. Yu-Tian Wang)
Project title: Peptide-mediated clearance of beta-amyloid for alzheimer’s disease therapy
David Twa (supervisor: Dr. Christian Steidl)
Project title: Genomic Rearrangements in B-cell Lymphomas
Alexander Wright (supervisor: Dr. Paul van Donkelaar)
Project title: A multidisciplinary approach to sport-related head trauma: using biomechanics, cerebrovascular physiology, neurocognitive function, and neuroimaging towards understanding and diagnosing concussion

2012 Vanier
Gareth Mercer (supervisor: Dr. Julie Bettinger)
Project title: Assessment of the relationship between innate immune system ontogeny, infant feeding mode and susceptibility to infection in HIV-exposed but uninfected infants
Julia Pon (supervisor Dr. Marco Marra)
Project title: The role of MEF2B in non-Hodgkin lymphoma

2011 Vanier
Michael Copley (supervisor: Dr. Connie Eaves)
Project title: Characterizing the role of high-mobility group A2 (Hmga2) expression in regulating the heightened regenerative properties of fetal/neonatal hematopoietic stem cells
Long Nguyen (supervisor: Dr. Connie Eaves)
Project title: Functional and molecular characterization of human breast cancer stem cells
Clara Westwell-Roper (supervisor: Dr. Bruce Verchere)
Project title: Mechanisms of human islet amyloid polypeptide-induced pancreatic islet inflammation

2010 Vanier
William Guest (supervisor: Dr. Neil Cashman)
Project title: Rational design of immunotherapies for protein misfolding diseases

2009 Vanier
David McVea (supervisor: Dr. Timothy Murphy)
Project title: Using optical tools to test the role of muscle spindles in plasticity following brain injury

CIHR Canada Graduate Scholarship – Doctoral Award (CGSD)
2016 – Cynthia Ye
2015 – Jordan Squair
2014 – Cynthia Min
2013 – Daniel Woodsworth
2012 – Gareth Mercer
2011 – Matthew Mayer

CIHR Canada Graduate Scholarship – Master’s Award (CGSM)
2017 – Alvin Qiu
2016 – Rozlyn Boutin, Michael Skinnider
2015 – Victoria Baronas, Allen Zhang
2014 – Parker Jobin, Eric Zhao
2012 – Philip Edgcumbe, Daniel Woodsworth
2010 – Long Nguyen

Scriver MD/PhD Scholarship
2010 – Julia Pon
2005 – Fiona Young