Visiting Student Elective Program



  • MD Students Policy in the care of Ebola patients. Note – in the unlikely event that a visiting student should become at risk to the virus whilst on elective, confirmed diagnoses should be reported to the Visiting Student Elective Program Manager.
  • Students can apply for electives in the 2014/15 academic year 9 months in advance of their start date if attending Canadian Schools and 7 months in advance if attending International Schools.
  • Changes to Academic/Electives Years: The 2014/2015 Elective Year will run from Sept 2, 2014-July 3 2015.  The 2015/16 Elective Year will commence July 6, 2015. Please see 2014/15 Elective Year for information and placement timelines.
  • FLU ADVISORY: We strongly encourage students to have flu shots. Though not mandatory, visiting students should be aware that their clinical experiences may be significantly curtailed in the event of a severe outbreak, if they are not immunized.

Program Introduction

The MD program at UBC is comprised of four geographically distinct sites including the Island Medical Program (Victoria), Northern Medical Program (Prince George), Vancouver Fraser Medical Program (Greater Vancouver), and the Southern Medical Program (Kelowna). Electives are thus distributed throughout these geographic regions into rural, community, and tertiary centres. As each elective is designed by UBC, they  provide equal opportunity for clinical experience and exposure to our Programs and teaching community.

Students applying for a UBC Elective will thus have the opportunity to select from a wide range of clinical settings throughout the province. As part of the UBC VSEP, students will participate in senior, final year rotations as offered through our fourth year curriculum. As such, only electives identified in the UBC Electives Catalogue are considered official University approved electives. These rotations have been subject to a review and approval process and are supervised by UBC Faculty members to ensure a robust elective experience.

Our goal is to provide a fair and transparent elective process which helps to serve students in reaching their future goals in a medical career.

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