4 responses to “Welcome to the UBC MD Admissions blog”

  1. GradGuy

    Great idea!!! This Blog was long overdue :).

  2. AP

    Thank you for all the updates on the website UBC MD! It is great to see what has been word of mouth all these years put out there for interested applicants to see. Thank you!

  3. FutureMedStudentToBe


    I’m only 15, but my dream would be to pursue a career in medicine, I’m really starting to look into it too. Being a Diabetic and having Ulcerative Colitis myself inspired me in a way. I was wondering if there is a website where I could figure out what classes I should take in my high school years. And preferably what programs would be beneficial as a post-secondary option

    Thank You!

    1. Admissions

      The best classes to take in high school really depend on what you want to study at college or university before you apply to the MD program. This is important to think about because medicine is very competitive, and you might need a backup plan in case you don’t get in or don’t get in right away. Your guidance counselor might be able to help you with that, or you could look at the websites of the post-secondary institutions you are thinking about going to. They should have all of their admission requirements listed in an easy-to-find place.

      As for post-secondary, our website lists the prerequisite subjects we require. We also require the MCAT, which tests verbal reasoning, biology, chemistry, writing, and physics. Beyond that, we encourage you to major in whatever interests you the most. At UBC we don’t have a preference for a particular degree or program. We welcome applicants from a wide variety of academic backgrounds – people have been accepted from the arts and humanities, social sciences, fine arts and many different fields of science.