2 responses to “Update on waitlist”

  1. Hopeful

    Dear Admissions,

    Similar to many applicants, I am curious to learn why it is that the admission office does not release information about ranking in the waitlist. Medical Schools, such as University of Northern Ontario medical school, update their applicants on a weekly basis with their ranking on the waitlist.

    Most Sincerely

    1. Admissions

      Our medical school is somewhat different in that people on the waitlist may be waitlisted for different sites, depending on their preferences. This makes it somewhat difficult to tell you where you are ranked. After the first few rounds of offers/declines (which is usually over within a few weeks and in fact only two weeks this year), we inform people lower on the waitlist that they will not be getting an offer. Those remaining, although they do not know precisely how they are ranked, know at least that they are close and that is all the information we can provide.