2 responses to “No site switching”

  1. Hopeful

    Dear Admissions,

    Given that June 15 was the deadline for transcripts and other supporting documents, could you please update us nervous waitlisters on approximately, how many people have declined their offers and/or when you anticipate to make offers to wait-listers. As you’ve emphasized in your other posts, at this point the process is unpredictable. Still, any snippets of information you can offer at this point are greatly appreciated!



    1. Admissions

      It is very much down to a slow trickle now, but due to the domino effect of declines/offers by other medical schools across the country, we are still making an occasional offer – some to another site for those already admitted – and some from the wait list. Appreciate must be very difficult for those of you on the wait list, but sorry cannot provide any further snippets.