6 responses to “Non-Academic Section – Verifiers”

  1. R. Grewal

    This blog entry states:

    Please make sure that for each non-academic, employment, research and rural entry, you provide the contact information of a person who can confirm details about your involvement in the activity.

    However, there does not appear to be a field for verifiers in the research section of the online application. Are we, in fact, required to add verifiers in some other field for this portion of the application?

  2. Patrick

    Do verifier addresses in the description box count towards the character limit? If not, it seems the entry will not add if there is more than 250, so is there a way around this?

    And, would the same apply to breakdowns of hours spent in activities that are not consistent throughout the year? Thanks.

    1. Admissions

      Unfortunately all information included in the description box counts towards the 250 character limit. There is no way around this.

  3. L.H.

    If we are self employed (ie tutor) and have say 10 students, do we put the verifer as a parent of one of the students only? If so, they wouldn’t be able to verify the number of hours I spend with my 9 other students, so how should I indicate that?

    1. Admissions

      The blog is not the best place to ask specific questions about your application. Please re-send your questions through the online application system.