2 responses to “Receipt of documents”

  1. Lindsay

    I have 2 questions regarding transcripts:

    1) Is it okay if you end up receiving more than one transcript from me? I have sent one via regular mail directly from my institution to UBC, but am also going to courier a copy today in order to ensure that I have confirmation of delivery prior to the deadline of August 15th. Therefore, after the receipt of the couriered copy, your office may receive an additional copy later from my university and I just wanted to make sure that’s okay?

    2) Can I submit my transcript PRIOR to submitting my application as long as I have filled out the Personal Information page on my application as well as my institution information on the transcripts page?

    Thank you!

    1. Admissions

      Yes, sending multiple transcripts from the same institution as well as sending them prior to submitting the application is perfectly acceptable. We are able to update your transcript status even if you have not submitted the application.