4 responses to “Offers Process Overview”

  1. Marc


    Thank you for the update! Would you be able to enlighten us on how we were ranked? Thank you!

    1. Admissions

      Sorry, that information is confidential.

  2. Rosie

    If we are placed on a waitlist, will we be told where we rank on the waitlist?


    1. Admissions

      No, sorry, almost all of the waitlist information is confidential – where you rank on it, how long it is, how quickly it’s moving, etc. Because we have four sites our waitlist is quite complex. We have one list of all applicants who are currently waitlisted (‘The Waitlist’), but each site also has its own list, and one applicant may be in a different spot on more than one of those lists, so it’s not as straightforward as saying “You are number 23” like it may be at some other schools. Plus the waitlist is very unpredictable. For all of these reasons we keep the waitlist information to ourselves, although we regret the added anxiety and uncertainty this can cause some applicants.