Update on the Evaluation Process

Hello! We apologize for how quiet the blog has been over the last few months. If you are wondering why, it is because we reached another record number of applications this year. Over 2100 were submitted! Unfortunately some of these applications are not complete due to missing transcripts, MCAT scores, payments, etc. However, the vast majority are complete and as such we have a lot more work to do. Do not worry though, we are still treating every application with care, cross checking files as necessary and ensuring that every application receives a fair and consistent evaluation. We know you put a lot of time and energy into this process and we respect this by thoroughly and thoughtfully considering what you have included.

We plan to send all updated status notifications sometime in the first two weeks of December. We do not have specific dates yet, but will be honoring the August 15 early deadline and will notify the applicants who met this deadline first (provided they are invited for interview) before sending interview invitations to everyone else.  If you are wondering what information you will receive in December, please review our blog entry from December 3, 2012. Most of the information will remain the same and we will post any changes closer to the notification dates.

Thank you and we’ll be in touch soon.