Orientation Week 2013

Amazing Race Finish Line

Sean Addison, Orientation Leader (MD 2016)

Orientation week started off bright and early on a sunny August morning with 350 eager medical and dental students waiting in the atrium for school to start.  This is the time when it finally sinks in for new students: you’re in medical school!

Walking through the crowd and overhearing diverse conversations about travel, athletics, research and hobbies, it was obvious that we had another great group of people joining our faculty. We knew then that our job as orientation leaders was going to be easy. There is nothing simpler than facilitating the interactions of social, enthusiastic and fascinating people. So away we went…

After getting to know their fellow 2017s, the first years got to meet our 2016 class at the buddy luncheon on Tuesday. This event was a huge success with lots of laughs, tips and coloured pens shared.   In fact a few first years said it was the highlight of their week, helping to “calm their fears about medical school” and “make them feel at home in the program”.

Immediately following this lunch was the always colourful, superhero themed “amazing race”. Similar to the popular TV show, this event involves running the new students all over campus to different skill and creativity testing stations at popular UBC locations. Participation was outstanding this year with almost the entire class completing the race.  As first year Sara Lysnkey put it, “the amazing race introduced me to my amazing classmates in a fun setting while teaching me how to be less lost on campus!”  

On Wednesday social events continued with a class wide wine and cheese mixer with faculty and staff. Students ditched their superhero tights for blazers and although the O-week organizers were not able to attend, we were assured a smashing time was had by all. On Thursday, we left the new class to their own activities before showing up again Friday to whisk them away to Gambier Island for an unforgettable class camping trip.

All in all, the week ran perfectly and was amazing to be a part of. It was great to spend some time with our new colleagues in an informal setting before all the craziness begins. I think feedback like this says it all:

“When you tell people you got into med school, you hear a lot of sarcastic “have fun being in school for the next ten years” the only thing is, it is actually fun!”  (Radha Jain, 2017)

 “O-week was amazing but not without the people who made it become what it was.” (Johnny Wong, 2017)

On behalf of all the second year leaders, thanks to all you the class of 2017 for making our job as orientation leaders so easy. We’re looking forward to having you with us for the next three years!