Offers 2016 – All Positions Filled in MED 2020 Class

The deadline for Round 6 has passed, and we are both happy and sad to report that all of the positions for the MED 2020 class have been filled. If students withdraw their acceptances there is a chance that a few more positions will become available, but it is impossible to say how many spots will open up, if any. We therefore recommend that applicants still on the waitlist start thinking about their 2016/2017 applications if they plan to reapply to the program.

8 responses to “Offers 2016 – All Positions Filled in MED 2020 Class”

  1. John Smith

    When the wait list will be shortened? When they can see their scores?

    1. Admissions

      We just shortened the waitlist today. Applicants who are no longer on the waitlist should be able to see their scores now.

  2. Anon

    Approximately when will the MD 2020 admission statistics be uploaded?

    1. Admissions

      The statistics for MED2020 will be available some time in the fall.

  3. Hardy


    I was wondering if the waitlist has already been shortened upon the posting of this message, or if there will be another update regarding the waitlist later on.


    1. Admissions

      We just shortened the waitlist today – please see this post . Thanks for your patience!

  4. jun

    Will the waitlist be shortened anytime soon so that waitlisted applicants can get their scores back before getting ready for the next cycle of application?
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Admissions

      Hi, we shortened the waitlist today. Thank you for your patience.