Mixed reality gives neuroanatomy lessons a boost
September 15, 2017UBC's Faculty of Medicine teams up with Microsoft to help students visualize the brain's 3D structure. Read More >

Back to School
August 28, 2017Discover some of the bold education initiatives transforming how the Faculty is training the next generation of health care providers and researchers. Read More >

Drawing inspiration from research
August 24, 2017Fourth-year medical student Rouzbeh Ghadiry-Tavi talks about what sparked his interest in the Summer Student Research Program. Read More >

Liam Brunham named one of Canada’s “Top 40 Under 40”
July 14, 2017Liam Brunham, a 2008 alumnus of the Faculty of Medicine’s MD/PhD program, has been named one of “Canada’s Top 40 Under 40.” Read More >

Two life paths, one shared journey
July 14, 2017Siblings and Métis doctors Ben and Alexandra Sheppard recount their shared journey through UBC’s medical school. Read More >

Tuum Est! Graduation 2017
May 23, 2017Hundreds of graduates recently gathered to celebrate their achievements and look ahead to the next stage of their careers. Read More >

Students hit the road to recruit future healthcare professionals
May 18, 2017UBC students recently teamed up with other university students from across BC and Canada to inspire rural high school students to pursue future careers in healthcare. Read More >

UBC students ‘hatch’ a new support tool for people living with depression
March 24, 2017Explore highlights from this year’s Hatching Health event, an interdisciplinary, student-led competition aimed at finding real-world solutions to today’s healthcare challenges. Read More >

UBC medical students celebrate their first step on the path to residency
March 2, 2017On March 1, fourth-year UBC medical students gathered to celebrate the results of the first round of the Canadian Resident Matching Service (CaRMS). Read More >

Breaking barriers to care in mental health
February 17, 2017Colonel Jetly, Senior psychiatrist and Mental Health Advisor to the Surgeon General from the Canadian Armed Forces, talks with UBC medical students about mental health. Read More >