Offers 2017 – Round 4 Sent

Round 4 offers were sent this afternoon. As always, congratulations to the offer recipients! The deadline for this round is Wednesday, June 21.

10 responses to “Offers 2017 – Round 4 Sent”

  1. hope

    What time is the deadline today

  2. William

    How many rounds will there be and when will round 5 offers be sent out?

  3. MB

    Hello, can we expect Round 5 to go out today?

  4. Kendrick


    Will Round 5 be sent today?


  5. Sam

    Hi admissions,

    Just wondering if there will be any more rounds going out?

  6. Jack

    Has round 5 gone out yet? There still hasn’t been an update on the blog…

  7. Jeff

    Can you please shorten the waitlist

    1. Admissions


  8. Jarred

    Can the admissions team please shorten the waitlist so that applicants can receive their scores and prepare for the next cycle? Thanks a lot!

    1. Admissions

      The waitlist was shortened today – please see our latest post.