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Offers 2017 – Round 2 Sent

The second round of offers were sent late yesterday afternoon. Congratulations to everyone who received one! The deadline for this round is Friday, June 9 at noon Pacific Time; the next round of offers will go out after this deadline. It is hard to be on the waitlist and we know waitlisted applicants are eager […]

Offer Notifications Sent

At this time of year, we always wish there were more spots available in the class so we could invite more of our outstanding applicants to join the program. By now all applicants have been notified of the admissions decision on their file. Happy news or sad, we thank you for applying to UBC and […]

Waitlist Questions 2017

UBC’s waitlist is a bit complicated, so we hope these FAQs will help to answer some of your questions about how the waitlist works. These questions are mostly reprinted from an earlier post – we have not made changes to how we handle the waitlist this year. Waitlist questions: applicants who have an application status […]

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