4 responses to “Why UBC medical school”

  1. Lisa

    Will we receive an email on May 15th letting us know the decision, or will we have to check the OAS? Is there a predicted time that decisions will come out (morning, afternoon?). Thanks!

    1. Admissions

      An email will be sent out on May 15 via the online application system. Sorry, we are unable to confirm at what time of the day will the decisions be released.

  2. Peter Cohn


    My understanding is that after the commitee selects the admissible applicants they get ranked. I understand the way this ranking process works is confidential and I am sure there are convincing reasons behind why it is confidential. Is it possible for you to discuss those reasons?


    1. Admissions

      As you alluded to in your question, everyone should know that post-interview, we take a holistic view of the files. Obviously we have to have some way of putting all applicants in an order for the committee to discuss. But to your question- why do we not give details about how we do this following the committee’s decisions? Well, we have an extremely complicated process at UBC with 4 program sites all with lists that take into consideration your site preferences and admissibility. While the admissions committee is blinded to your preferences when they determine your admissibility we do try and place people where they want to go. Knowing how our master list is organized will in no way help you predict whether or not you will be made an offer of an admission and therefore we do not disclose it. We endeavor to give you information that will help you judge your ‘chances’ not provide false hope or false despair.