Welcome Message

From the Assistant Dean, Admissions

Thank you for your interest in the University of British Columbia’s MD Undergraduate Program. I am humbled every year by the exceptional candidates that choose to apply to our medical school. Their diversity of backgrounds, interests, talents, their commitment to community, dedication to furthering medical science and desire to be their best selves is at the heart of what makes the UBC MD Undergraduate Program extraordinary.

Shahin Shirzad

Dr. Shahin Shirzad

It is not that long ago that I recall receiving my own acceptance letter to UBC Medicine, feeling tremendously honoured and excited to be pursuing a career in medicine. In many ways I had no idea what the path ahead would entail, however, I can tell you now as a graduate of UBC Medicine and the Assistant Dean of Admission how thrilling, challenging and rewarding the journey has been.

The UBC MD Undergraduate Program is designed to respond to the diverse and ever-changing health care needs in British Columbia, Canada and the world. It is Canada’s first fully distributed undergraduate medical program, delivering medical education in four distinct sites across the province. This allows our students to learn in urban centres as well as the most remote communities in British Columbia. This model helps train competent and well-rounded graduates who are prepared to work in any clinical environment.

UBC is a university where equity and accessibility are central to much of what we do. I welcome and encourage students of all backgrounds to pursue their dream of becoming a medical doctor. As a leading research university, our contribution to the health economy nationally and internationally is only possible through a continual commitment to welcoming a diverse student body to the UBC Faculty of Medicine. I believe when diversity of thought, backgrounds, life experience and beliefs are brought together in an atmosphere of collaboration and learning the potential of local and global community is more fully realized.

Please take the time to explore our website, learn more about the distributed model of education we offer and meet the remarkable students, staff and faculty who actively shape our diverse medical school. I look forward to, hopefully, meeting you in person one day and welcoming you into a vibrant, dynamic and inclusive educational community here at the UBC Faculty of Medicine.

Shahin Shirzad, MD, MPH, FRCPC
Assistant Dean, MD Admissions
Faculty of Medicine
The University of British Columbia



Our Mission

The University of British Columbia’s MD Undergraduate Program delivers an exemplary model of distributed medical education that prepares future physicians to collaborate with patients and their circle of support in providing culturally safe, high-quality healthcare across the population of BC, including Indigenous Peoples, people living in rural and remote communities, and people who disproportionately experience adverse health care interactions and health outcomes.  Our graduates are prepared to contribute to innovative improvements to healthcare in BC and globally.

The mission of the MD Undergraduate Program is integral to the vision of the Faculty of Medicine, “Transforming Health for Everyone”; and embodies the values of respect, integrity, compassion, collaboration, and equity.