Admissions Statistics

Admission to the MD Undergraduate program is very competitive and each year there are more applicants than available seats in the incoming class. We encourage you to review these detailed statistics we collect each year and compare your profiles.

To be as transparent as possible about our admission decisions and results, we publish detailed statistics about who has been admitted to our MD Undergraduate Program.

Age, gender, prior academic institutions including high school, college or university and training completed before admittance to the program are all reported. Academic standings, including OGPA and AGPA of both accepted and refused applicants, can be found in our yearly reports and whether applicants were a BC resident or out-of-province.

Meeting the minimum admission requirements does not guarantee admission to the program and not all qualified applicants will be offered admission. However, qualified candidates who are not admitted are welcome to reapply in any subsequent year.

MED 2024 Admissions Statistics, Application Cycle 2019/2020

Overall admissions rate 11.3 per cent

Admission Rate

288 accepted & enrolled
2,344 applicants



288 accepted & enrolled
2,398 applicants



288 accepted & enrolled
2,558 applicants

Applicants by Gender

1,292 female
1,050 male
2 non-binary

*Trans – new identification added in 2020.



1,385 female
1,006 male
7 non-binary



1,445 female
1,094 male
7 non-binary
2 trans*


All applicants by gender


Age distribution graphic


Age Distribution for Entering Class

Between 2018 – 2020, the largest age groups represented were 21 – 23 and 24 – 26 years of age. The mean age in 2020 was 24.36.

Average OGPA or AGPA for Entering Class

OGPA or AGPA for 2020 was 89.29 per cent

Overall GPA for 2020 was 88.30 per cent

88.64% OGPA or AGPA**
87.75% Overall

88.62% OGPA or AGPA**
87.69% Overall

89.29% OGPA or AGPA**
88.30% Overall

* GPAs are based on grades received at time of application
** AGPA used if applicable

MCAT Scores of the Entering Class

MCAT scores of entering class




2018 MCAT Average

2019 MCAT Average

2020 MCAT Average

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