Black Student Pathway

At UBC we acknowledge the importance of having a community of physicians that reflects the social identities represented in the growing population of British Columbia. We know that one way to achieve this is through respectful, inclusive, and equitable educational experiences for Black students throughout their academic careers. Through the Black Student MD Admissions Pathway, we are committed to encouraging and supporting you throughout your journey to becoming a doctor and future health care leader.

We are a community that honours our learners’ diverse opinions and experiences. Feeling a sense of belonging is essential to thriving and we want to connect Black students with opportunities to join a healthcare community that encourages and supports their full growth and development into leaders in medicine, medical education, and more.

Applying Through the Black Student MD Pathway

We encourage individuals  who self-identify as Black, or multiracial and identify with your Black ancestry, to apply to the MD program. To apply  to the program through  the Black Student MD Admissions Pathway, you will be required to:

  • Indicate that you self-identify as Black or multiracial with Black ancestry  on your MD admissions application by using the appropriate checkbox
  • Write a personal essay

Personal Essay

As part of your application, you will be required to write a personal essay explaining why you have chosen to apply through the Black Student MD Admissions Pathway. This essay will also be used to help determine your eligibility for the Entrance Award in Medicine for Black Students. The Entrance Award was introduced alongside the Black Student MD Admissions Pathway to provide financial support to exceptional Black students beginning their medical school journey.

In a 250-500-word personal statement, please describe your ethno-racial background and how your perspectives, accomplishments, and unique experiences as a Black person, or a Black Multiracial person who identifies with their Black identity, have motivated you to apply through the Black Student MD Admissions Pathway. If applicable, we strongly encourage you to highlight how these aspects of your Black identity have influenced your academic and personal journey and how they may have shaped your goals and aspirations.

Assessment and Evaluation

All applicants supported through the Black Student MD Admissions Pathway will be considered as in-province applicants.

Assessment and evaluation of your pre-interview application will be conducted by the Black Student MD Admissions Subcommittee, which includes Black physicians, faculty members, medical students, members of the Black community, members of the MD Admissions subcommittee, and faculty from across our distributed program. The subcommittee will make recommendations regarding applicants to be considered for an interview. Admissions interviews and post-interview reviews will also include Black physicians, faculty members, and/or medical students, as well as members of the Black community.

Connect with Us

Please reach out to us if you are a Black prospective student and have questions about applying to the UBC MD Undergraduate Program through the Black student pathway or general admission stream.

Donneil McNab
Black Student Initiatives Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

The Faculty of Medicine recognizes that there is an underrepresentation of Black physicians in British Columbia and is committed to helping remove barriers for Black students in applying to medical school at UBC. We also believe that by supporting diversity in medical training, we contribute to greater diversity and inclusivity in our health care system and beyond.

All applicants supported through the pathway will be considered for the B.C. positions in the program (~295+ positions). Additionally, members of the Black community will be involved in the assessment of applicants in this stream. Therefore, there may be less room for unconscious or conscious bias to play a role in selection.

No. All applicants must meet the same admissions requirements (GPA, MCAT, prerequisites, credit requirements) and they must still engage in intentional community involvement in paid or unpaid environments, like applicants through the general admissions stream. Qualified applicants will be invited to interview based on their file review scores. Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee progression to an interview.

No, applying through this pathway is a personal choice, though you may find the process more supportive than applying through the general admissions stream.

No. We encourage you to apply through all MD admission pathway programs that are relevant to you. For example, if you have northern and rural experience or would like to pursue a career in northern or rural medicine, you can apply to the Northern and Rural MD Admissions Pathway in addition to the Black Student MD Admissions Pathway. For more information on other pathways please see the Eligibility page.