Interview invitations will be sent to selected applicants via their OAS accounts.

Interviews occur in late January or early February. Interview dates will be posted when available.

Interviews for UBC MD Undergraduate Admissions follow the Multiple Mini-Interview (MMI) format, where each applicant will rotate through approximately 11 different interview stations.

The interview at each station is 7 minutes in duration, with a 2 minute transition period, which allows the applicant to advance to the next station, read a question/scenario and prepare themselves before entering the next interview room. This year the writing station will be incorporated into the interview cycle. Applicants will have 16 minutes to provide a written response to a question at this station.

The entire interview cycle is approximately 1 hour 50 minutes in length. An audio signal will sound at the conclusion of each 7 and 2 minute period, indicating the timed session has ended. Interviewees will not be given any warning signals during the actual 7 minute interview period.

  • The interview track will be color-coded to match the applicant’s name tag. Each scenario is posted outside the interview door. Applicants will be required to lift a paper flap to read each scenario.
  • Applicants are not permitted to carry writing implements, paper or any personal belongings while completing the MMI (including a cell phone or watch). Applicants may carry a water bottle, and we encourage everyone to bring their own (to be environmentally friendly), which can be filled prior to the interview.
  • The interviewer pool is diverse: MD Undergraduate Admissions has chosen clinicians, academics, community members and UBC 3rd & 4th year medical students from a variety of geographical areas across BC.
  • Our online interview reservation system will allow you to schedule your own interview date and time.
  • We will give further detailed information regarding the MMI in the information package we send to those invited for interview.

View a sample cycle.

The interviewer has no information about the applicant other than his/her name. Interviewers do not discuss the performance of applicants amongst themselves and each station is scored independently.

The format of the stations may require the applicant to comment on a particular scenario, interact with another person in the room, respond to audio/video presentations, etc. The stations are designed to be challenging, interesting and engaging so that applicants can demonstrate their communication and critical thinking skills, as well as their personality!

In many cases there is no right or wrong answer.

The following is an example schedule:
60 minutes prior to interview: Registration (closes 35 minutes prior to interview)
35 minutes prior to interview: Registration Closes/Interview Briefing
1:50 minutes: Multiple Mini Interview
15 minutes: Break
45 minutes: Site Information Session (Optional, but highly recommended)
Post interview: UBC Vancouver Campus Tour (Optional)

Registration: Sign in at the Registration table 60 minutes prior to your interview time. Registration closes 35 minutes before the scheduled interview time. No latecomers will be admitted.

Identification: You must bring government-issued photo ID and one clearly legible photocopy of your identification document(s) with you to the interview. We will accept the following forms of identification only:

  • Valid passport (preferred); or
  • Driver’s license plus Canadian citizenship card; or
  • Driver’s license plus Canadian permanent resident card; or
  • Driver’s license plus birth certificate

Photocopies to bring along with your ID:

Form of IDPhotocopies Required
Valid passport (preferred)Picture page and opposing page (signature page)
Driver's license plus Canadian citizenship cardFront of driver's license; front of citizenship card
Driver's license plus Canadian permanent residency cardFront of driver's license; front and back of PR card
Driver's license plus birth certificateFront of driver's license; front of birth certificate
*If your name does not match the name shown on the online application system, you must also bring a photocopy of your official name change documentation if not already uploaded in the online application system.

Photos: You must bring two passport-sized photos in colour. They do not have to be official passport photos, but should be the same size and shape as passport photos, and should feature you alone (do not crop from a group shot). Print your full name as it appears in OAS on the back of each photo in ballpoint pen. Recent photos are preferred.

Proof of BC Residency (if applicable): Please bring your current, valid BC Services Card or North West Territories, Yukon, or Nunavut healthcare card with you. No photocopy is necessary.

Confidentiality Agreement & Recording Devices: You will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement at the registration table. The unauthorized use of any recording device is strictly prohibited during the interview session and hand-written notes will not be permitted.

Writing Station: As part of the interview cycle, there will be one station in which you will be asked to provide a written response based on a given prompt. This prompt will NOT require academic knowledge and you will be unable to prepare for it. You do not need to bring any supplies as all writing materials will be provided. No dictionaries, translation tools, notes or other writing aides in any form (electronic or other) are allowed. This station will be 16 minutes in length.

Site Information Sessions (after each interview cycle - attendance optional, but highly recommended): The site information session will give you an opportunity to learn about the MD Undergraduate curriculum and UBC’s four unique distributed program sites. There is no RSVP for the site information sessions.

We would prefer not to give advice about how to best prepare for the interview; however, it is important for you to know that it is unnecessary to pay a lot of money to preparatory organizations who claim to have “real” interview questions and scoring information. Be very wary of these claims. Many applicants, who do very well, practice or prepare on their own by reading different materials, searching for MMI information on the internet, and/or practicing with their friends. The UBC MMI is designed to see how you think on your feet, how you communicate what you believe when pondering ethical, moral and other dilemmas (which are not necessarily medically-related), and to explore who you are as a person. The best way for you to demonstrate these things during the interview is to be yourself, and answer honestly and thoughtfully. You do not need a specific formula, vocabulary, or medical knowledge to perform well in the interview. While many questions will be set broadly in a medical environment, not all questions will be, and you do not need to make the connection back to medicine unless the interviewer asks you to. As you are applying for medical school, we will expect you to have a basic understanding of the Canadian health care system, some awareness of contemporary issues, and knowledge about the career you are about to embark on. Show us who you are, what you are interested in, have fun and try to relax. The UBC medical students and admissions staff will all be there to try and help the process run as smoothly as possible.

  • Please dress professionally, but be aware that the day will involve periods of standing and walking.
  • We strongly suggest you bring a refillable water bottle to keep with you in the hall during the interview.
  • All personal belongings (except for the water bottle) will be kept in a secure room while you are interviewing.