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MED 2021 Class Finalized

By Admissions on August 22, 2017

Orientation for the class of MED 2021 started yesterday, which means the class is now finalized. This may be disappointing, although perhaps not unexpected, news to those applicants who were still on the waitlist. Even though it is tough to know you won’t be joining the class this year, making it so far in the application process is a true accomplishment. Best wishes to all returning and new applicants in 2017/2018.

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Northern and Rural Training Section

By Admissions on July 21, 2017

As you are working on your application, you may have some questions about the Northern and Rural Training section. This section of the application is for applicants who would like to be considered for the rural positions in the MD program. These positions include all 32 seats at the Northern Medical Program in Prince George, up to 10 seats at the Southern Medical Program in Kelowna, and up to 2 newly added seats at the Island Medical Program in Victoria.

One question we often get about this section is “Is my experience rural enough?” Please don’t worry about judging how rural or not rural your experiences are. If you are interested in the rural seats and have experiences, ties and/or activities that you believe are relevant to rural living, please complete this section of the application. This is especially true if you are considering whether you would like to attend UBC medicine at the NMP. You will not be considered for the NMP unless you complete the Northern and Rural Training section; you will also not be considered for the other rural positions in the program. However, you will be considered for the non-rural positions. Applicants who do complete the Northern and Rural Training section are also considered for the non-rural positions.

The Northern and Rural Training section helps to us to determine your suitability for the rural positions in the program. It is evaluated separately from the rest of the application, so it’s ok to repeat activities and experiences listed elsewhere on the application. In addition, since it is evaluated separately, the evaluation of the Northern and Rural Training Section does not impact the evaluation of the rest of your application.

Please read the Help Guide for more specific information on how to fill out the Northern and Rural Training section, and message us with any questions.

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Offers 2017 – Waitlist Shortened

By Admissions on July 5, 2017

The waitlist was shortened today. Although it’s never easy to receive disappointing news, we hope that being informed of the final decision on their application will help applicants who are no longer on the waitlist move on to their future plans. Waitlisted applicants who did not receive an application status update today are still on the waitlist, but it is unlikely that a position will open up in the class. It is best for these applicants to think about their future plans as well.

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All Positions Filled in MED 2021 Class

By Admissions on June 23, 2017

It is with mixed emotions we must announce that all positions in the MED 2021 class have been filled, at least for now. If students withdraw their acceptances there is a chance that a few more positions will become available but it is impossible to say how many spots, if any, will open up. At this point, we encourage waitlisted applicants to start thinking about their 2017/2018 applications if they plan to reapply to the program.

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Offers 2017 – Round 4 Sent

By Admissions on June 16, 2017

Round 4 offers were sent this afternoon. As always, congratulations to the offer recipients! The deadline for this round is Wednesday, June 21.

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