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Welcome to the MD Undergraduate Program Admissions website! We hope that you will take the time to carefully review the information provided here so that you are in the best possible position to determine if the UBC Undergraduate Program is for you and if you meet the requirements for admission.

Faculty and staff at UBC are committed to medical education. The goal of the MD Undergraduate Program is to provide learning environments that are conducive to effective knowledge acquisition and the development of clinical skills. This allows students to become involved in patient care early on in their medical education.  Many province wide opportunities exist for scholarly endeavours.

The Program is based on a distributed model of education. Each year we select 288 students and they will be distributed across the province with 32 students in Victoria (Island Medical Program), 32 students in Kelowna (Southern Medical Program), 32 students in Prince George (Northern Medical Program)  and 192 students in and around Greater Vancouver (Vancouver Fraser Medical Program).

While there are traditional lectures and laboratory sessions, much of the preclinical education involves small group problem-based learning. Therefore, we expect students to be solid, self-directed learners and strong collaborators.

The applicant pool is highly competitive. However, the application process is fair. Our goal is to recruit intelligent, dedicated and well-rounded students, and therefore we apply equal weighting to academic and non-academic achievements. About one third of all applicants are invited for interview, the format of which is explained elsewhere on the website. A composite value derived from university course grades, MCAT scores, non-academic activities and the interview score, is used to rank candidates. Reference letters are also taken into consideration. Final selection of the top ranking candidates is made by committee consensus in late April and offers of admission usually go out in the middle of May.

We recognize that many well-qualified applicants with strong academic records and impressive achievements in the non-academic sector will not be granted an interview or an offer of admission, as the number of applicants far exceeds the number of seats available.

Becoming a physician is no small undertaking. The education program is rigorous, it is expensive and when you tack on post-graduate education (residency and fellowship) it is a long haul. There also are huge societal expectations and responsibilities when you graduate. Nevertheless, it is still a rewarding profession. If you are certain that a career in medicine is something you want to pursue, we suggest that you review the statistics posted on this website, so that you understand the level of competition that you will encounter. Make sure that you have taken the appropriate prerequisite courses at an accredited post-secondary institution. Try to achieve competitive scores on the MCAT test. Get involved with your community and be able to demonstrate that you have a commitment for extracurricular activities. Show that you have a passion for other interests and that you can balance these with your academic workload.

There is no single thing you need to do to impress the Admissions Selection Committee. A wide range of information is provided on the website to guide you through the application process. For additional information, we suggest that you make a point of attending one of our information sessions.

Best of luck with your application!

The Admissions Team