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Pre Interview academic criteria

By Admissions on Jun 09, 2011 The Evaluation Criteria section of the website has been updated regarding the pre-interview academic criteria. We can now confirm that the academic score will be derived from applicants’ overall average (or adjusted academic average if applicable). The academic and non-academic scores will still be weighed equally (50% each). We will not be looking at your MCAT or prerequisite average during this phase of the evaluation process. Permalink | 23 Comments

Update on waitlist

By Admissions on Jun 03, 2011

As our class is now pretty much set, this afternoon we informed some people on the waitlist that they will not be receiving an offer. Very disappointing to be so close, but we did not want to keep you in limbo any longer. Hope you can now consider if you are going to apply again and begin to prepare for that.

For those of you still on the wait list, sorry, you know we can’t tell you where you are on the list. Only fair to say that from experience in previous years we know that there will be very little, if any movement from now on, so you also should be thinking about your future plans.

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Welcome to the UBC MD Admissions blog

By Admissions on Jun 02, 2011

Welcome to the UBC MD Admissions blog. Here, we can give updates on the application process (and if necessary correct any misinformation in circulation). We will also provide reminders about important deadlines. We will not post on a daily basis, perhaps weekly, as issues arise.

Congratulations to those accepted so far into MED 2015! We are very pleased that you are going to be joining us in the fall. The wait list is proceeding very slowly and we do not anticipate much more movement at this stage. We understand the disappointment of those who were not offered admission – unfortunately, there simply are not enough spots for all of the excellent applicants who apply.

Our application for the 2011-12 cycle (MED 2016) opened on June 1 and our deadline to submit is August 15.  There are some changes this year, such as our new (and we hope more user-friendly) online application. We know the pre-interview selection criteria for this year is of great interest and we will let you know as soon as this has been confirmed. Other important changes can be found under Notes for prospective 2011/2012 applicants. We wish you all well in the application process this year. We hope you find this blog useful and look forward to your comments and feedback.

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